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Let PresData Services develop a website for your Church.

PresData Services can build a Joomla website for your Church at an affordable price. Joomla is a great solution to having a website that you can maintain yourself.

We specialise in installing and customising Joomla CMS.

How much will it cost me?

How long is a piece of string? The cost of a website is dependent on a number of things. However, this will give you some idea of the costs involved.

PresData Services is keen to help Churches and other Not for Profit bodies get online. We are able to provide hosting and account management at a reduced rate to help in this process.

All hosting is provided on Australian based servers

Why is this important? Well, like it or not, things can and do go wrong. There are times when things break and if the hosting provider is on the other side of the globe they are often sleeping when you need to contact them to fix something. Hosting on Australian servers avoids this problem. All server providers used guarantee 99% uptime. Support is always available.

Domain name registration for Churches

Churches are able to register a .org.au domain. A valid ABN is required and it takes around 2 hours to register the domain name. The cost of registration and management of the domain name is $20 (plus GST). This is renewable every 2 years.

Hosting Packages

Hosting packages start at $135 (plus GST). This includes 5 gig server space for the storage of website and email. Unlimited email accounts. 3 MySQL databases. 10 gig bandwitdh (web traffic) per month.

Site Development

Site development depends on the complexity of the site. However, as a starting point, for a basic CMS installation and customisation of template and the creating of a 3 to 4 page website the cost is $175 (plus GST)

If you require more advanced functionality, such as the installation of plug-ins to provide for the playing of MP3 sermon files, this is an additional cost.

A Sample of Our Work