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Why should I consider using a
Content Management System (CMS) for my website?

Good question. Here is why I think you should consider it.

Website development is an expensive business. Many hours go into the development of the site and its structure. In a static - non CMS site - the developer requires either a good knowledge of the underlying language of websites or a good understanding of web development applications like Dreamweaver. Hours are spent creating and formatting the pages and then the content is added and uploaded to the server for the world to view. When the site needs updating or changing in some form the original files need to be edited in the website development application and then uploaded over the original file.

These applications are not cheap and the time required to learn them and the constant updates to the program keeps one busy and poor.

Content Management Systems are different in many ways. In my opinion one of the most attractive things about the CMS is that you no longer have to have expensive software installed on your local computer to develop and maintain the site. All editing of the content of the site is done online via your web browser. Adding pages and images to the website is also done via your web browser.

These CMS websites consist of a framework that is in two parts. A 'frontend' - the website that all your visitors see in their browser window. And, a 'backend' - the administration section of the website where all the real work goes on. Web pages and other features are added in the 'backend'.

The CMS framework is installed (either by yourself or your web savy friend - or by PresData Services).

Steps to get a CMS up and running:

Step 1: Obtain a domain name.
Step 2: Obtain a  web hosting account
Step 3: Install the CSM. This includes the creation of the database that will be used by the CMS.
Step 4: Decide on a template to use for your site.
Step 5: Customise the template. Using your own logo, photos, colour scheme, etc.
Step 6: Develop the content
Step 7: Release your site to the world.


PresData Services can help you with all of these steps.


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